BRD, Mi-Nr. 130 gest., Posthorn

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Danke, alles sehr gut , Ware gut und Lieferung gut und mit Rechnung , wo ich alles gut zuordnen konnte

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Mitglied-158606 am 07.01.2024

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Mitglied-158606 am 17.10.2023

Alles war bestens bei fuxwinkel. Schnelle Abwicklung und gute Qualität. Was die Verpackung angeht, kann ich nur sagen... besser geht es nicht. Top

Mitglied-163231 am 09.10.2023

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Mitglied-151555 am 24.08.2023

So stelle ich mir perfektes kaufen vor. Alles ist sehr schnell abgeschlossen worden. Briefmarken waren sehr gut verpackt. Weiter so.

Mitglied-163231 am 23.08.2023

Mitglied-158606 am 02.08.2023
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What security do I have if I order via shopping cart and pay for the goods in advance?

In principle, all providers are checked for oldthing and unreliable providers are excluded. When evaluating and assessing how secure and trustworthy a supplier is, we recommend that you check the number of sales already made by the supplier and the latest customer ratings before placing an order.

So that your purchases are worry-free, we additionally secure every order in your shopping basket with up to 250 Euro.

In the unlikely event that something should really go wrong and, for example, the goods don`t arrive and you don`t get your money back, our bank protection program intervenes. We will then refund the purchase price (maximum 250 Euros per item) if no agreement can be reached with the supplier. It can take up to four weeks from the beginning of the claim settlement to the payment of the amount.

Should you still have any questions, or wish to secure your purchases with a purchase price of more than 250 euros,please feel free to contact us.